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Uniquely positioning pharmaceuticals in the marketplace through FDA compliant technology and precision digital marketing.


Leading Provider in ACNU Technology, Digital Rx-to-OTC Switches, and Media Solutions.


Data Science.

RWE Forecasting for precise market predictions, in-depth behavior analysis for customer insights and competitive advantage, and innovate with AI/ML modeling to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Our regulatory services streamline your path to pharmaceutical market success. With a focus on FDA compliance and risk management, we offer tailored support in critical areas like study protocol and cybersecurity. Rely on our expertise for a smooth, secure journey in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring your products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy


Our service in the ACNU space is a pioneering approach to transitioning prescription medications to over-the-counter status through a technology-assisted self-selection web app. This innovative pathway revitalizes established brands, expands market reach, and aligns with self-care trends, enhancing public health initiatives.


We strategically drive trial recruitment, craft robust commercial strategies, and expertly utilize digital marketing to extend reach of Rx and nonprescription products. Our proficiency in both organic and paid search ensures a targeted and effective online presence. Coupled with our e-commerce expertise, your product not only reaches, but truly resonates with your audience.

Transforming consumer healthcare with directed self-care technology.

Think of the future – a future where consumers don't wait for a prescription to manage their health. That's the reality we're engineering. Our dedication to healthcare accessibility has led us to forefront of self-selection technology, enabling greater access to medications, treatments and medical information. We're not simply participating in the changing healthcare paradigm – we're building it, putting the power of directed self-care right into the hands of consumers.


CodeScripts is a Digital Rx-to-OTC platform to increase accessibility to medications through technology assisted qualification. Pharmaceutical companies can safely market qualified prescription medications as nonprescription through the FDA's ACNU guidance.

ACNU Pathway to Nonprescription Status.

In June of 2022, the FDA released a proposed rule that intends to expand the availability of nonprescription drugs to include those with an additional condition for nonprescription use (ACNU).


These ACNUs are designed to ensure appropriate self-selection, actual use, or both, can be done by consumers without the supervision of a healthcare provider. 


ACNU designation enables pharmaceutical companies to breathe new life into mature brands and reinvigorate programs in which the Rx-to-OTC switch could not be done with the label alone.


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